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High-end activities focus on "home Chengdu time"

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<P>June 8, Century City International Convention and Exhibition Center full of people to attract people to pay attention to is the exhibition scale of 40,000 square meters, ranked first in the Midwest 18th International Furniture Industry Exhibition Chengdu custom and smart home Museum The "Custom" and "smart",blue sun loungers dealers has become the hottest keywords in this exhibition.</P>
<P>During the exhibition, two national industry forums - the fifth China Furniture Industry Development (Chengdu) International Forum and the first China Midwest custom home Summit Forum also kicked off, the guests on the real estate regulation and control of the new situation and The impact of the furniture industry, the future of the central and western custom home trends and other topics launched a profound exchange.</P>
<P>As the new engine of China's home market development, the western furniture has made rapid development in recent years, but with the whole building industry in 2016 into the depth of the shuffle period, many traditional home enterprises are experiencing the pain of the transition. In the development of the State Council Research Center, the original director of the Institute of Market Economy, researcher Ren Xingzhou view,creative personalized outdoor lawn furniture the furniture industry transformation and upgrading of the first need to pay attention to, that is, attention to changes in demand structure, to adapt to personalized custom needs, and extended to the whole House customization.</P>
<P>In fact, since 2013, the whole house customization began in the home industry cut a striking figure, in recent years has been in a state of continuous high temperature development. "Custom home has become a major development trend of China's home industry, is the next wealth of household industry growth pole." National Federation of Furniture Industry Decoration Association executive president Zhang Chuanxi said that in recent years,wooden card table custom make price some national custom and smart home brands continue Chengdu set up factories, the western custom home market growth is rapidly visible. Only in Chengdu, for example, 2016 custom home growth rate of more than 30%. It believes that the future of Chengdu, and even the western market has a great potential for customization, will be a blowout development.</P>
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Forum » Öffentlicher Bereich » Bewerbungen » High-end activities focus on "home Chengdu time"