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Used furniture to deal with bad people

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<P>Who lives in Lanzhou City Chengguan District Democratic West Road, Ms. Feng recently acquired a new bed and a group of sofa, was replaced by the old furniture urgent to deal with. Ms. Feng also began to think that these old furniture can sell some money, who knows how to contact a few second-hand furniture recycling and scrap collection station, it completely dispelled the idea. Ms. Feng's old furniture used for too long, and it is more cumbersome,<a href='http://beachbedwholesaler.com/fold-beach-bed/1708.html'>all aluminum camp table supplier</a> many second-hand furniture recyclers take into account the transport costs and other issues, all shook her to say no.</P>
<P>Can not be used as second-hand furniture for recycling, can be sold to the waste recycling station can it? Ask a number of waste recycling station, or directly do not accept, or proposed by Ms. Feng to pay the freight, they shipped away. This let Ms. Feng a little helpless,<a href='http://beachbedwholesaler.com/bar-table/2034.html'>best lightweight beach chair</a> originally intended to sell some money, which down under the good, so that waste recycling station have to go down the money. Since you can not sell some money, white can always give it? Think of here, Ms. Feng will be in the "58 city" website published a message: "second-hand furniture free to send, can go away." When the news is issued, it attracted a lot of people call to ask, but when the interviewer to see the furniture picture, and then consider the need to move down from the fifth floor after the transport, said the cost is too high to give up.</P>
<P>Can not sell the money no matter, no one to send away, dragged a dozen days, Ms. Feng some anxious, and old furniture shipped do not go, the new furniture to put in. In desperation, Ms. Feng would like to directly discard these old furniture, but just thrown downstairs next to the trash,<a href='http://beachbedwholesaler.com/beach-chair/1472.html'>fabric cheap folding beach lounge chair</a> it was blocked by the property. Ms. Feng where the district, has always been a small garbage truck to collect garbage garbage, like these large pieces can not be loaded and compressed.</P>
<P>Ms. Feng told reporters that the last of a group of the sofa was left downstairs old people, used as their daily play cards pastime, the rest of a bed can not be handled,<a href='http://beachbedwholesaler.com/fold-beach-bed/576.html'>white dining chairs cheap sale</a> she and her family together, taking advantage of the night dark , Throw in a place where no one. "Although I know this is immoral, but it is no way," Ms. Feng said.</P>
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